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Remember Baby’s Tiny Hands and Feet

The arrival of the new royal baby, Princess Charlotte, has the news and much of the world cooing over the newborn. But royalty or not, the birth of every baby is a special event that deserves to be celebrated. 

Bkeepsakes has a way to commemorate this joyous occasion with the Little Prints Handprint and Footprints Kits, allowing recipients to create two unique personalized keepsakes. One can be for themselves to enjoy and the other can be given as a gift or even stored away to be given to the child when he/she gets older.  

More and more hospitals are moving away from providing baby footprints at the time of birth.  That makes the Little Prints kit a great baby shower gift, so new parents, busy with so many other things, will be ready to capture those darling tiny little toes. The ink pads are a medical grade used by hospitals, so new parents can rest assured the ink is safe for their infants.  Often the nurses (who have had a lot of experience) can help.  Just bring a clipboard, so they have a solid surface to work on.

With more than 20 designs to choose from, you can pick the one you like best and then decide on one of three poems. The sizes range from 8 x 10 to 12 x 12. The prints come with the design and poem and then blank space to add the baby’s handprints and/or footprints with the hospital safe disposable ink pads. The ink wipes off easily with baby oil. Each print has a space to add the child's age and the date it is made. 



•    Scan the footprints and put them on baby announcements or on thank you’s for gifts.
•    Make a precious and heartwarming gift for Grandparents or for the proud dad for Father's Day (upcoming).
•    Use the extra ink to make a hand print to put on a baseball (another great Father's Day gift idea).


To effectively capture the handprints and footprints, it can be easier if you have two people. Practice with your own finger once, so you know how much pressure to use. Make the prints while the baby is sleeping soundly. It is much easier and less messy! Sprinkle the prints with cornstarch or baby powder afterward to make sure they dry well.

Babies grow up way too fast. Their sweet, tiny hands and feet will get bigger and it will be hard to remember them ever being so small. The Little Prints kit gives you a way to capture that special time in all your lives. 



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