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Part II: Is My Baby On Track? Developmental Milestones for 7-12 Months

In last month’s Birthday Keepsakes’ blog, we covered the expected developmental milestones for babies 1-6 months old. In this blog, we’re going to cover the second half of your baby’s first year. As your baby grows, here are the developmental milestones in babies from 7-12 months old to help you answer the question, “Is my baby on track?”



Developmental Milestones: 7-12 Months


7 Months

By seven months, your once newborn baby is starting to develop a personality and assert his or her preferences more vocally. Your baby should be working on getting around by now – some will be crawling, others will be army crawling, and some will be still scooting or rolling. Either way, be prepared. Your baby is on the move (or nearly there)! Your baby is also working to develop their motor skills to include things like picking up a toy, holding a sippy cup, and picking up small pieces of food off their trays. Your baby is also likely in the throes of teething and has possibly consolidated their naps from multiple times per day down to just a morning and afternoon nap. Your baby is likely starting to get the hang of eating some solid foods and may even be beginning to communicate through baby sign language or simply using head shakes and verbal cues to give you their opinion.

8 Months

At eight months of age, you’ll likely be amazed by your baby’s strength. They are likely able to move around the room in some fashion or another, and can maybe even pull themselves up into a standing position with the help of a parent or piece of furniture. Your baby ought to be able to pick up tiny things such as Cheerios with the pincer movement – their thumb and first finger working together to bring small food bits to their mouths. Your baby is starting to recognize and remember schedules, and to associate things (like their crib with sleeping).


9 Months

As wild as it may seem, your baby should almost be fully crawling by this point. Your baby should also be able to change positions, from lying to sitting to pulling himself or herself up with ease. Some babies are even well on their way to walking at this point. Your baby is likely babbling nearly nonstop and making every effort to communicate with you – even if it’s hard to tell what they want! Your baby might have developed a healthy separation anxiety by this point, but should be giving you more sleep at night and taking two solid naps during the day.

10 Months

By ten months, your baby’s coordination is much improved, allowing them to pick up toys and food with ease, as well as move around the room quicker than you might hope for. Some babies take only one longer afternoon nap by this point, and many are successfully sleeping through the night. Your baby is likely mimicking the words and sounds you make and is interested in communicating with you.

11 Months

Is your baby crawling and climbing all over the place by this point? Good – they should be! Many babies can toddle by now, and nearly all can quickly get from place to place by crawling, climbing, and pulling themselves up on furniture. Your baby will be showing a lot of personality at this point and probably loves music, singing, and dancing.


12 Months

Congratulations! You’ve officially made it one year with your babe! Your baby should be mimicking sounds and might even have a word or two, such as “mama” and “dada.” Your baby should be able to communicate simple yes and no answers by shaking their head, and many know baby sign language by this point. Your baby should be an expert crawler, if not walker, by one year old and should be engaged and curious about the world around them.


Babies aren’t one size fits all. If your baby is ahead in some categories, but behind in others, this is perfectly normal, as some develop in certain areas faster than others. All babies are different! If you have any concerns, please contact your baby’s pediatrician to help you answer the question, “Is my baby on track?” They’ll give you the resources you need to answer this question and help you take the proper steps to access developmental services if need be.

Every baby is different, and hitting these milestones will look different for all babes. These guidelines are designed to help you answer the question, “Is my baby on track?” confidently to help your baby grow and develop as they should. Birthday Keepsakes is here to help you preserve the memories and track the amazing milestones your children will reach in their lives, including these big milestones from age 7-12 months.

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