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Fun Summertime Crafts

It's summertime! Now that the kiddos are home from school, here are some fun craft ideas to keep them busy and create beautiful memories together. 

Fingerprint Cherry Blossom
Thanks to the Pinterested Parent for this idea. Here is a fun/easy craft to you can do with kids of all ages. 

Materials include markers, pink paint, and paper. So easy!

For younger children, you can draw the tree branches and then have your children add the blossoms with the paint and their fingers. For older children, they can do both parts. 

Sticky Paint

Corn syrup mixed with food coloring makes a wonderful (and tasty) paint that dries glossy and shiny. All you need to do is get a few small containers and put some corn syrup in each. Mix different color food coloring in each one and have a paint brush for each color. Give your children a piece of thicker paper like card stock and let them get creative. 

For some variations, cut out different shapes (egg, circle, butterfly, flower, star…) from cardstock for your children to paint on. Something else you can do is use a dark crayon to draw outlines of a design or scene and then have your children paint the picture with the corn syrup. 

Spring Flowers

Here is fun idea using cupcake holders, popsicle sticks, green paper (or you could draw the leaves with crayons or markers) buttons and other accessories (glitter, shiny paper, beads…)




Beautiful Butterflies

Found over at Learn Create Love

These adorable butterflies can be made with card stock, big Popsicle sticks, googly eyes, paint, glue and small pom poms. 







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