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Poop Goes in the Potty (Is my Child Ready?)

Poop Goes in the Potty

It’s been a few years since my kids have gone through potty training, and yet, every once in a while I still hear an old favorite song dancing on the airwaves of our house, “Poop goes in the potty, poop goes in the potty…” I didn’t like it then, and I sure don’t like it now. Before kids, we never dreamed we would be singing about human excrement, did we? Yet here we are. 

While reminiscing about such a time, I happened to stumble upon one father’s resource for the smash hits of this particular genre. Should you need a little inspiration during this trying child-rearing phase, check this site out:

If you’d like to know the exact song that enticed my children (sometimes to this day), I ask you to check out The Poopsmith Song (it will get stuck in your head). I hesitate to call it a family favorite, but in some ways, it is.

So now that we’ve discussed how to set the mood, how do we actually convince our children to start using the toilet? Read on!

The Mayo Clinic ( has some excellent tips, not just for potty training, but for potty training readiness (for both you and your child). This can spare both of you a lot of frustration, which can ultimately prolong the process.

As the Mayo Clinic points out, timing is crucial. Your child should be motivated for such an undertaking, and your lives should be as calm and stable as possible (no new sibling who is about to make a grand entrance, no family moves, etc). Answer the following questions to see if now is the time:

  • Can your child walk to and sit on a toilet?
  • Can your child pull down his or her pants and pull them up again?
  • Can your child stay dry for up to two hours?
  • Can your child understand and follow basic directions?
  • Can your child communicate when he or she needs to go?
  • Does your child seem interested in using the toilet or wearing “big-kid” underwear?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, the timing could be right. If youanswered no to many, it’s probably best to wait. 

Being prepared for this next stage is crucial. Sometimes having the perfect potty makes all the difference, in addition to plenty of wipes, rewards (stickers, small treats, etc.), cleaning supplies, and dry clothing. Check out this review for the best potty training seats:

Above all, love and patience (for you both) is the key component. Be sure to make it fun – maybe a few good tunes could help. Best of luck!


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