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Preserving Memories

Capture School Year Memories

The end of any school year is filled with field days, concerts, projects, school trips, parties and many other activities, so once the last day finally arrives life settles back down. Even with all the craziness, it’s important to remember this milestone of your child finishing another school year. There are fun ways to document this achievement and create a unique keepsake in the process.

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Remember Baby’s Tiny Hands and Feet

The arrival of the new royal baby, Princess Charlotte, has the news and much of the world cooing over the newborn. But royalty or not, the birth of every baby is a special event that deserves to be celebrated. 


Bkeepsakes has a way to commemorate this joyous occasion with the Little Prints Handprint and Footprints Kits, allowing recipients to create two unique personalized keepsakes. One can be for themselves to enjoy and the other can be given as a gift or even stored away to be given to the child when he/she gets older.  



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The Day You Were Born Keepsake

The day your child is born is a special day that changes your life forever. Your world and your schedule now centers on this new addition to the family. Diapers, feedings and the dream of a full night’s sleep consume your thoughts. World events, top news stories and what movies are in the running for an Oscar are probably not on your radar. Your attention is on your new baby, as it should be. But once the newborn fog clears and you settle into your life again, wouldn’t it be nice to have something to remind you more about the day your baby was born. Bkeepsakes has created personalized, Day You Were Born prints to do just that. 

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Photo Finish

Taking pictures of special moments with our family is easy these days. We don’t even need a camera anymore. It can be baby’s first steps, a funny moment between siblings or a school concert; all we have to do is take out our phones or tablets to capture the memory forever.
Once we have all these photos though, we need to have an effective way to store them and a fun way to share them.

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