Fun and Simple Inside Activities When You Can’t Go Outside

2015 February 26
by Kerrie Flanagan

Some days we are stuck inside and the kids have pent up energy that needs to be focused before they tear up the house. Here are some fun activities to keep the kids busy and out of trouble. 

Shaving Cream Play

A great sensory activity that also cleans your table and makes the house smell nice is shaving cream play. It is as simple as spraying a small amount of shaving cream onto the table and letting your kids spread it around, draw pictures in it, practice writing letters/words and making designs. It gets messy so you may want to have your children wear aprons or have them take their shirts off. The good thing is it cleans up easily off the kids and surfaces. 

Build a Fort
Gather blankets, pillow and chairs and work together to build a good old-fashioned fort. Kids love to build a fort (but usually need assistance) and then play in it. When it is finished you can add special touches so make it even more fun. Here are 9 Creative Indoor Forts from Today’s Parent.

Water Play in the Sink
Pull up a chair or stool to the kitchen sink, fill it with warm water and let your child have fun playing in the water. Add measuring cups, bowls and other containers so she can practice pouring and moving the water from one place to another. 

Cereal Necklaces
This is a fun project for kids to make and then eat. You will need any O-shaped cereal (Fruit Loops, cheerios…) and a piece of string. Thin shoelaces work great for the string or take yarn and wrap a small piece of tape on the end to make it easier for your children to push the string through the cereal. Tie one piece of cereal on the end and then let your children begin stringing more. This is a great activity for working on small motor skills. 

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