What’s in a Name? Baby Name Trends in 2018

2018 August 30
by Birthday Keepsakes

If you’re expecting a baby soon, there’s nothing more fun than narrowing down the list of names that you’ll be calling your soon-to-be little one. You also may be feeling a lot of pressure when it comes to choosing your baby’s name. After all, there’s a lot in a name. This is the name that your child will be called day in and day out for the rest of their lives and the lens through which people will first familiarize themselves with your child from day one.
But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. There are a number of baby-name trends and factors to consider before coming to your final decision. As with anything in life, it’s helpful to see what others are doing. This is the case when it comes to choosing baby names, as well. Nameberry has become somewhat of an authority when it comes to navigating the process of finding the perfect name for your child.


In 2018, the most viewed baby names on Nameberry were Olivia for girls and Atticus for boys. This was true throughout 2017 as well. The second-most-viewed girl’s name was Amara, while the second-most viewed boy’s name was Milo. Click here for the top twenty girl and boy names according to Nameberry, as well as other baby-name trends for 2018.

Aside from the trendiest baby-name trends, here is a list of three other factors to consider when naming your treasured little one:

Family Name or Origin

When it comes to choosing your baby’s name, likely one of the first things to consider is your family’s ethnicity or history. Is there a name that has been constant throughout your family’s history that you would like to continue down the family line? Perhaps your great Uncle Alfred was somebody whom you dearly loved and would like to name your son after. Family names honor those you love and respect the most. Another way to honor your family’s heritage is by choosing an ethnic or regional name that references your family history.  


If there is a theme or character trait that you and your partner find invaluable, you may want to consider the meaning of the name over the actual name. According to Mother.ly, “Do you want your daughter to associate herself with strength? Consider Audrey, Jaiyana, or Valerie. Do you consider your son a gift? Then name him Jonah, Mateo, or Kendrick.” These types of names can be a fantastic reminder to your children of why they’re named what they are and what characteristics are important within their family.  Bkeepsakes.com has a feature to look up name meanings. Simply enter your child's first or middle name and gender here. There are also some surname meanings as well!


Naming your child in accordance with a special memory for you, your partner, family member, or loved one is another way to ensure that your child’s name is more than just a name. Is there a special place where you and your mother used to frequent? A favorite activity that you and your grandpa used to participate in together? Perhaps a special memory that you hold dear that you would like to commemorate? Consider all of these when naming your child, and you might just choose the perfect name that also honors something special about their background as well.

Celebrate the name that you do end up choosing for your baby by getting your child a Name Wish Poem from bkeepsakes.com. Each poem is custom-written and uses the letters in the child’s name to make a special wish for health, happiness, friendship, success, and all other good things. You can choose from 25 different designs, each a charming, colorful illustration perfect for a child’s room or memory book. It can even be customized with the child’s full name and birth date and is available unframed or framed in hardwood and ready to hang.

The Name Meaning Keepsake is another charming way to commemorate your child’s name! Each Name Meaning Keepsake contains a complete definition of your child’s name including the origin of the name, where the meaning comes from, and more. You can choose up to three name meanings, and if you would like, we can further personalize the print with the child’s full name and birth date and even add a special message of your own.

There’s more to a name than just something that sounds cool or interesting. There are certain things that you can keep in mind when it comes to baby-name trends that will ensure that your baby’s name is truly special.

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